Long range identification made simple

deisters fast and reliable long range identification solution securely and uniquly identifies vehicles and drivers in any weather conditions. Low ongoing costs and low maintenance requirements make it an excellent alternative to a traditional ANPR system. Queues in vehicle access and exit areas are a thing of the past. Ideal for car parks, traffic management and free flowing vehicle access control.

The technology is also suitable for monitoring rail traffic as well as vehicle access barriers in city centres, airports and at toll roads. Thanks to numerous interfaces it is possible to integrate seamlessly into other control systems but can also be used as a stand alone solution. There are a wide range of transponders available; these include robust heavy duty transponders, self adhesive stickers for windscreens and ISO cards, which perfectly combine two reader technologies.

Why deister long range

Dual technology

Combine vehicle and individual access control systems in a single card. It is possible to integrate both technologies into the same transponder and achieve maximum range.


A specially developed tamper proof sticker in combination with deister‘s “smart frame” ensures data security as well as protection against manipulation.

Clear instruction

Large LEDs and unambiguous signal tones give the user distinctive visual and audible feedback.

Easy installation

deisters POC device makes the field strength of every position for the window sticker visible, making it simple to position the transponder.

Plug and play

The compact design including integrated antennas means it is possible to connect standard power and data lines to the readers by means of a single connector.

Made in Germany

All products are made in Germany. Recognised quality and reliability, developed, produced and tested to the highest standards.

Windscreen transponder sticker


Self adhesive tamper proof  transponder sticker

In addition to the encrypted deister “smart frame” for data security, the windscreen transponder for vehicle identification features a tamperproof function. Should somone try to tear the sticker from the window it will be destroyed in the process.

Up to a 7 metre read range is possible utilising one of our TSU 200 readers and a consistant range can be maintained with different vehicle types. The transponder is also equipped with a function to adapt the range. This function makes it possible to reduce the identification range by either 66% or 33% ensuring it is possible to identify different types of vehicles at the same distance to the reader.

  • Tamper proof
  • Adjustable range
  • “Smart frame” – data security

Making installation simple

When installing a UHF long range identification system the challenge is always to place the readers and transponders in the best possible position to ensure all vehicles are reliably detected. The POC (patent pending) represents an optimum solution to the challenge.

POC behaves precisely the same as a transponder. The integrated LEDs display the available level of communication at every position in the field between the reader and transponder. Finding the best possible position for the transponder is quick and effective. The POC is available for both passive and active transponders.

TSU reader series


These deister UHF readers include an extremely robust die-cast aluminum housing for a compact design with integrated antenna. The TSU200 boasts an upper range of 7 metres, and the TSU100 with a range of 4 Mmtres.

A series of passive transponders has been specifically developed to allow the TSU readers to achieve the best possible range on glass or metal.

The special layout (patent pending) of the antenna integrated in the ISO card means it can be carried either way round as well as close to the body (unlike most UHF transponders) without impairing the range.

TAL 700 reader

The TAL 700 generates an adjustable identification field that will penetrate most RF shielding materials. This active system is particularly suitable for applications in which it is necessary to identify vehicles at an unfavorable angle to the reader or the windscreens are covered with a special film to protect against the sun or for reasons of passenger privacy. With a range of up to 7 Metres the TAL 700 is suitable for various  applications such as parking space management and vehicle access control at car park barriers.

The active transponder TPA 8014 has an ISO card format and a battery life of up to two years, with a commonly available battery that is user replacable to reduce costs. The transponders can also be equipped with an additional near field credential technology. That makes it possible to use the TPA 8014 in combined vehicle and PACS applications.

Controllers and converters



The vehicle identification system is rounded off by controllers such as the IDC 2. The control unit is top hat rail compatible and provides encrypted interfaces for readers and dry contact relays for vehicle access and exit barriers as well as light signal control systems. Configuring authorisation levels is made easy with the deister management software, which is connected to the IDC 2 via an IP interface.


Interface converters are able to convert data received from a reader to a different format or protocol as well as to integrate components into an existing system. The deBUS protocol is used to encrypt communication on the input side. wiegand, data/clock, magstripe, RS232 and RS485 interfaces are supported on the output side by several customer specific protocols.

One software - One connected system

A single easy to use software platform allows easy administration of your key management system as well as the ability to control a range of deister products which can combine to give a complete and connected solution.

Capable of working as a stand-alone system connected direct to your cabinet or it can easily scale up to a corporate setup and will work exactly the same on a physical server or a virtual environment.

An easy to use interface and the ability to customise your own reports as well as configure triggers for notifications and alarms gives you a flexible working solution.

  • Single software for a range of secure deister products
  • Modern, truly web-based application with secure SQL back end
  • Customisable reports
  • Notifications and automatic email alerts
  • Simple third party integration through web services


Freight management

Transponders can be fitted to freight or rail trucks and locomotives to help control and manage their locations.

Parking management

Automate access and exit to make the best use of available capacity. Optimise management of your parking and reduce administration.

Vehicle access control

Effective and comprehensive management of vehicle fleets. Have control of vehicles on your site and always know which vehicle is on the on site and which vehicle has left.