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deister electronic is an established leading supplier to the education sector both in the UK and globally.

From student accommodation to sports centres, universities have all the major security concerns of a large business as well as a 24/7 student population to protect.  The management and security of valuable assets is critical to reducing risk and improving accountability.  Our solutions help you increase security, simplify asset management, and reduce the administrative burden.

You need to make sure that the right people have access to your campus when they need it. Master keys and secure areas are kept safe and the site is monitored in the most cost appropriate way possible. Theft and burglary are always possibilities and you need to prove you have done your best to prevent them while in a worst-case scenario reduce the risks associated with them such as having to re-suite your keys.

A deister solution allows you to easily manage access time for different users to different buildings, register contractors time on site and manage your car parks with an effective secure and reliable system. You can also get down to the nitty gritty and manage access to university assets and securely store staff or student assets if needed all from one central solution.

  • Enhance security and loss prevention
  • Efficient key and asset administration
  • Increase accountability and awareness
  • Track asset utilisation

Where we can help

Student accomodation

Manage student welfare safety with our key management and wireless locking solutions.


Secure your campus and staff and student parking with deister key management and vehicle identification systems.

Estate management

Restrict building access with our key management and wireless locking systems, ensuring only authorised personnel are on campus.

Our solutions

Fleet management

Manage your campus vehicles and pool cars with a deister key management system, allowing you to also monitor their mileage and maintenance.

IT services

Control sensitive keys for your data centres using our key management system, enabling  you to restrict access and reduce administration.

Library services

Manage your pool of laptops and other work equipment using our smart storage lockers.

Key management systems

Restrict who has which key and when for campus wide management of  your keys.
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Proof of visit systems

Ensure your security guards, cleaning and maintenance staff have visited all of their designated areas of the campus.

Smart storage systems

Intelligent lockers to manage your pool of  laptops and other essential equipment.
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Vehicle identification

Provide fast and secure access to your campus parking for authorised student and staff.
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Wireless locking systems

Improve security and loss of physical keys with a wireless locking solution for your campus accommodation.
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Access control readers

Class leading multi-technology readers for any access control system.
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