Protect your patients

Safeguard at-risk patients such as the elderly, children and newborns with our patient tagging systems.

Proof of visit

Ensure guards, cleaners and maintenance staff are attending their designated areas when expected.

Authorised access

Protect your restricted areas, control access to your equipment and ensure your patients are safe with the use of electronic key management, smart storage lockers, access control or even wireless door locking.

What can deister do for you?

Deister UK, widely known for our trusted, durable and easy to use proof of visit systems, can also solve many of your other issues with our innovative RFID solutions.
The best part – all these systems can be controlled by one piece of software, Commander Connect, providing you with a truly connected and easy to manage overall solution

Healthcare Solutions

deister offers a range of RFID solutions that improve security, reduce loss and lower administrative burden. Our systems provide transaction history, centralised control, self-service capabilities, and integrations with Physical access control and other business management systems.

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve access
  • Reduce risk
  • Support loss prevention
  • Reduce administrative burden

Physical key management

Secure ProxSafe RFID Key Storage Cabinets

Although modern healthcare facilities manage entries through Physical Access Control Systems, there are often hundreds of keys for maintenance areas, lockers, vaults, and even master keys that can bypass electronic systems. Unmanaged keys invite theft, loss, unauthorised entry, administrative difficulty, and undocumented access. Your healthcare facility contains restricted medication, patient records, service areas, and many valuable assets. Key management provides an added layer of security, prevents loss, enforces key access policies, and reduces administrative burden.

Asset management

Hospitals contain valuable equipment, restricted medication, and mobile devices. deisters inteligient lockers provide secure access for authorised personnel and an auditable record of transactions. Inteligient lockers are useful when having to manage pooled equipment to ensure people ar audited on use and the equipment is easier to find if out.  You can track utilisation, identify current user, manage return policies, and much more.

  • Secure storage lockers for staff
  • Auditable access to medications
  • Manage and track shared devices
  • Report on historical usage to determine inventory
  • Provide visibility to previous and current users

Vehicle Monitoring and Access Control

deister Long range identification provides quick access to authorised vehicles. Whether you’re protecting restricted entries or managing staff parking, deisters vehicle identification will help prevent patient and guest traffic from interfering with hospital operations.

  • Restrict vehicle access in emergency areas
  • Manage staff parking access
  • Monitor arrivals and departures of ambulance and service vehicles

Textile Management

deister textile management solutions provide real-time availability and accurate reporting on cycles and on service volume. Keep your inventory lean while ensuring an ample supply, and cycle out scrubs and linens based on usage rather than a date range.

  • Accurate usage reporting on linen and scrubs
  • Easily manage inventory levels
  • Auditable reporting for laundering service contracts