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Restricted Areas

Restricted areas and equipment controlled

Control Access

Authorisation at the touch of a button

Remote Reporting

Key inventory and audit trail with a click

Restricted Key Management and Asset Control

Controlling access to restricted areas on a secure site is always a headache, if that site is remote or unmanned it can be even worse. Mechanical keys are essential in the operation of a site, whilst managing maintenance areas and secure access areas you need to give access to these keys while maintaining complete control. deister key management systems allow control over who has access to your keys on an individual basis without having to manually issue them to the users.

Maintenance and Patrol Management

Large sites require patrolling, with maintenance crews working in all areas and guards patrolling the site or escorting contractors. A deister patrol system can ensure that maintenance staff and guards have the correct route to travel and be confident that each step and task is being checked off along the route as it is being done.

Secure Site Vehicle Access & Control

Save time and money by fitting staff vehicles with a deister vehicle automatic identification system, controlling who can drive onto site when and where. You guards can be free to manage visitors and essential business as ingress and egress for staff and onsite vehicles is managed. You can control who has access to your onsite vehicles with keys electronically managed in a deister Key management system.

Asset Protection

The cost of replacing stolen or mislaid equipment can mount up and with contractors and visitors to site who may need access, it cannot always be easy to track! But if tagged with a deister electronic tag you can ensure your lone workers and valued assets are kept safe and secure. You can pinpoint the location of the tag and whatever it is protecting on your site plan, giving you and your staff the protection and peace of mind you need to carry out your jobs.

Electronic Door Locks for Restricted Areas

Throughout your organisation you can control access to individual doors or restricted areas by adding a deister door management system. The system uses wireless technology and is euro profile and can therefore be retrofitted to replace existing door cylinders and then be managed seamlessly with your key management control methods via the Commander 4 software package.