deister hardware products and commander software are designed specifically to be integrated with many different systems worldwide covering industry and security.

Access control companies can connect to our key management systems to allow a central point of control so that users and access rights are only managed in one place. Improve security by not allowing staff to leave with keys or assets. Use a single credential use across different systems and reduce overall system administration time.


AMAG Symmetry

deister’s solutions are fully integrated with AMAG’s symmetry allowing to seamlessly sync user data, item information and access rights.

C.Cure 9000

We offer a very deep integration into Software House’s C.Cure 9000 syncing a wide range of user and item information.


As a Genetec technology partner, Genetec has developed and offers a fully integrated interface to their system.

Lenel OnGuard

We offer deep integration for various OnGuard versions with continuous support, enabling seamless integration with our solutions.


To serve the needs of their market, Maxxess developed and offers a complete integration with their Access Control Solution.

Cortech Developments

Cortech offer a number of different integration options. Please contact them for further information

Use the data you have

Our systems are designed for to offer a number of powerful ways to use data that you have today. deister are experts in RFID, and the first to develop and introduce a multi-technology proximity reader – the result is that deister products work with many of the proximity cards in use today. This is not simple a bolt on but an integrated part of the system that uses the technology at its best.

Import Data

The commander importer module allows the use of data from simple CSV files to be automatically imported, for example to update user records.

Use your current access cards

Many of deister systems are able to read a wide variety of existing card technologies that are used for access control.


Sync user rights and groups from your active directory. If your business is IT lead then this is a powerful way to deploy rights to deister systems.